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Rent a car Bulgaria Sofia

SOFIA is the first largest city in Bulgaria. It is situated in West Bulgaria in the foot of the Vitosha mountains. Sofia and its vicinities can offer a number of important cultural and historical monuments. In the very city there are exceptionally many museums, in which is collected unusually rich information - from historical, through botanical to nature-scientific. The city is a cultural center of Bulgaria, so that this is another reason the cultural buildings and sights to be most in number here. The Bulgarian capital Sofia is situated at 55 km from the Serbian boundary - Kalotino, at 113 km from the Macedonian boundary - Gyieshevo, at 183 km from the Greek one - Kulata, at 315 km from the Turkish boundary Kapitan Andreevo, at 324 km from the port of the city Ruse, at 392 km from the sea city Burgas and at 470 km from Varna. Bansko is situated at 161 km from Sofia; with a car the distance is passed for 3 - 3.30 h, and Borovets is at 70 km to the Sofia air port. For its customers Rent a Car UMBRELLA CAR delivers cars for hire at Sofia airport 24 hours per day. Being one of the oldest cities not only in Bulgaria, but also in the whole Balkan Peninsula, Sofia and its vicinities can offer a number of cultural and historical monuments. In the very city there are exceptionally many museums, galleries and theatres. For example, in Sofia is the remarkable Ivan Vazov National Theatre, the National Historical Museum, the Aleksandar Nevski temple-monument, the St. Sofia temple, which dates from 4-6 century A.D., the monument of the Unknown Soldier with the eternal burning fire, the Zoo and the National Nature-Scientific Museum. In the vicinities of the city there is a great number of monasteries and churches: Dragalevki monastery, the Boyan church, the St. Petka Bistrishki monastery, the St. George Pobedonosets Kremikovski monastery, St. Spas Lozenski monastery and many others. The mountain Vitosha raises its dome to the South of Sofia at the height of 2290m. Cherni vrah is in the list of the highest peaks in the country. Alleys, paths and rope lines - seat and cabin, provide the access to the high parts of the mountain. Two highways cut the mountain and lead to the two main ski centers, which are situated respectively in its North - West and in North - East slopes - the Golden Bridges and Aleko. Aleko is the oldest, the most visited and the biggest ski center. It is situated at 1800 m height above the sea level and the highest point for ski descending is Cherni vrah. In the ski center Aleko there are a lot of specialized sport equipments and tracks. The tracks are with different degree of difficulty, which makes Aleko suitable for advanced in the ski sport, as well as for beginners. The second ski center - Golden bridges is situated in the North -West slopes of the mountain. Sofia air port is the largest one in Bulgaria, situated at about 10 km to the East of the center of Sofia.


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