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Rent a car Bulgaria Varna

Varna is the biggest Black sea city and it is the third largest city in the country. It is located in North East Bulgaria. It is situated at 134km. from Burgas and at 469km. from Sofia. This beautiful and modern sea resort has an international air port. Rent a car UMBRELLA CAR performs deliveries of rent cars at Varna airport 24 hours in the day. For the customers of Rent a car UMBRELLA CAR the delivery and the collecting of the rented car are free of charge. Varna has a busy port. To the West of the city is situated the Varna lake, which carries out a water connection between the ports Varna and Varna West. In the city there are a lot of museums, galleries, theatres and culture monuments like the archeological and historical museum, the clock tower and many others, which are worth seeing. Not far from the city is situated the natural phenomenon Pobiti kamani (Upright stones). Upright stones are one of the greatest sights in Varna. They are at 20km. from the city. Some of the most popular sights are situated in the center of the city. The Cathedral temple The Assumption is raised in the very center acoss the alley of the theatre. The Roman termi are situated in the ideal center of the city. They are built in II century and can be seen by the tourists and guests of the city. The cathedral church The Assumption is considered for emblem of the sea capital of Bulgaria. The sea garden is another emblem of Varna. It dates from the end of the XIX century. Then was accepted the idea to be put busts of writers of the Bulgarian national revival in some of the alleys. Today there is an amphitheatre, astronomical complex - the first in the country - with an observatory, planetarium and a tower. The aquarium and the museum of Black sea is the first and only sea biological exposition in the country. The Asparuhovo Bridge connects the center of the city with the residential areas Asparuhovo and Galata. It is the longest bridge in Bulgaria and its construction continues. Here the local club for extreme sports organizes jumps with bungee. The festival complex in front of the entrance of the Sea garden is a contemporary building of aluminum, stone and glass. There are several stages and conference halls, a big bazaar, a restaurant and a confectionary in it. Here are conducted many exhibitions and festivals, as well as opera, ballet and theatre performances. The Sport Palace is located on the road leading to the resorts Golden Sands, St. st. Konstantin and Elena and Albena. In it can be carried out competitions in more than 30 types of sports; exhibitions are arranged, performances are played, concerts are carried out. The dolphinarium is one of the favourite attractions for the guests and children of Varna. There are regulary given performances and demonstrations with the clever dolphins. The military-nautical museum is situated in the sea garden and it gathers all of the more important materials from the establishment of the Bulgarian military - nautical fleet in 1878 until nowadays. In the yard of the museum there are outdoor exhibits - guns, old anchors, marine vessels. The museum of history and art of Varna has an exceptioanally rich collection in which a unique exhibit is the famous Varna golden treasure - the oldest gold (dated 6000 years ago) in the world which has been discovered until nowadays. To the North of Varna are situated some of the most beautiful and luxurious sea resorts in the country. These are the tourist complexes Konstantin and Elena, Sunny day, Reviera, Golden Sands, Albena. The resort Golden Sands is situated in the Northern part of the Bulgarian Black sea coast, at 17km. from the city of Varna. The sand line which is 3,5 km long, reaches at certain places width of 100m. In Golden Sands Natural Park there are five built tourist routes, which pass through recesses for rest and places with fascinating view to the sea. The museum object Aladzha monastery is of the biggest interest. The resort Konstantin and Elena is situated in the Northern part of the Bulgarian Black sea coast, at 8 km. from Varna. To the South of the sea capital are situated small, sea settlements like Obzor, Byala, Nesebar where there are also good possibilities for sea tourism. Byala is situated at 59 km to the South of Varna and at 79 km to the North of Burgas. Byala is a sea resort and the natural phenomena define the development of the town as a center for adequate sea tourism.


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