Holidays in Bulgaria the cheapest
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Holidays in Bulgaria the cheapest

In Bulgaria guest houses have the most affordable low prices.

The pandemic has changed the global economy. Guest houses in Bulgaria offer lower prices for their services. A study of 27 popular European resorts shows that Bulgaria is the cheapest vacation spot. In late May and early June, a night in Bulgaria in such a house costs 58 euros. For comparison, in the Czech Republic the price is 87 euros, and in France and Portugal - 200 euros.

According to industry representatives, against the backdrop of a pandemic, guest houses are an ideal place to relax this year 2020 in summer. They are isolated, gather a small number of guests, in one place it is not crowded, and most of them visit such a place.

Another advantage of the guest house is that the night is much cheaper compared to the hotel. As for hotels, the interest in them is currently shown mainly by companies or organizations that conduct conference tourism.


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