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Rent a car Borovets

Borovets is the biggest Bulgarian ski resort. It is situated at 72 km from Sofia, on the north slopes of Rila mountain. Borovets is at 125 km from Plovdiv and is the most nearest to Samokov at distance of 10 km. It is located at 1350 m above sea height on the northern slopes of Rila and is at 10 km airline to the highest peak of Balkan Peninsula - Musala 2925 m. Borovets is the biggest international ski resort in Bulgaria. It is modern ski center with luxurious hotels, restaurants, bars, discotheques, shops and of course with excellent network of ski courses and ski lifts on the slopes of the mountain. The resort offers extraordinary conditions for the whole range of ski sports - alpine discipline, race, jumps, biathlon. There regularly were organized laps from the Ski World Cup - alpine disciplines, and the complex for biathlon is one of the best in the world. The ski season continues from November to May at thickness of the snow cover exceeding -1,5 m. The average temperature in January is -50C. The courses with different difficulty are appropriate for all categories of skiers - beginners, advanced, very good. They are maintained by special machines and have international marking. The ski schools are among the most famous in Europe, with long traditions and international prestige. The ten ski cloakrooms situated around the courses and near the ski lifts stations offer 7000 sets of equipment from the most renowned companies. The mountain life-saving service works round-the-clock and guarantees safety both along the courses and outside them. Borovets is one of the best ski resorts in Bulgaria - the highest point for descent is 2560 m at above sea height of the very resort 1350 m; the marked courses are with total length of 40 km, and the longest - 5 km. There are roadbeds for ski race 18 km long. The ski lift system of Borovets has impressive capacity. It disposes of one 6-seat cabin lift Borovets-Yastrebets 4,5 km long, one 4-seat ski lift Borovets- Martinovi baraki 1,2 m long, as well as one one-seat ski lift Borovets- Sitniski rock almost 2 km long and 10 ski tow-lifts. During the time when you are not on the skis you can familiarize yourself with the vicinity. You hire a car from Rent A Car UMBRELLA CAR and make an unforgettable journey to the near tourist places of interests in Bulgaria - Rila Monastery, Melnik, Plovdiv. Borovets is point of departure for large part of Rila and offers tens of itineraries to picturesque areas in the mountain, the Seven Rila lakes, peak Malyovitsa, peak Musala (the highest in the Balkan peninsula- 2925m).


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