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Rent a car Pamporovo

Pamporovo is the most popular and largest ski resort in Bulgaria and the most southern ski resort in Europe. It is located some 250 km south-east of Sofia, 80 km south of Plovidv and 11 km north of Smolyan. The nearest airport is that of Plovdiv. Rent a car Bulgaria UMBRELLA CAR delivers cars for rent at Plovdiv Airport round the clock so the tourists can arrive at Pamporovo by car within 90 minutes. The resort is situated in the foot of Mount Snezhanka. (1926m.). From that Mount, where the highest TV tower (156 m) has been built, start numerous ski-runs leading to the resort complex and to the Smolyan Lakes. The resort and the ski-runs are surrounded by century-old fir-trees which make the resort extremely beautiful and attractive. The total length of the ski-runs is 18 km. The climate is favourable for tourism as the mean average temperature is above 8°C, the snow cover stays for more than 150 days in the year, and the number of sunny days is nearly 270. In the vicinity of Pamporovo are the resort complexes of Stoykite, the ethnological complex of Shiroka Laka, Progled and Momchilovtsi, which are suitable for ski and countryside tourism. The town of Chepelare is 10 km to the north, and the town of Smolyan 11 km to the south. Winters here are paradise for skiers and snowboardists. One can ski and snowboard from the end of November to the end of April. The snowy days amount to 150 annually and the snow cover is often over 2 m thick. The ski-runs are of various lengths and difficulty. Pamporovo has ski runs both for beginners and advanced skiers. There are ski-running and biathlon facilities around Mount Snezhanka, and several ski-training centres in Pamporovo provide the services of highly trained ski-teachers. About 15 ski-wardrobes offering jointly over 8000 sets of modern ski and snowboard equipment are located around the tracks and hotels. In Pamporovo take place international and national ski competitions on alpine disciplines for men and women, ski-running, ski orientation, biathlon and other winter sports. For snowboardists, especially freestyle snowbaording. Some hotels offer excellent programs for recreation and prophylactic in their rehabilitation and health centres. Swimming pools, bowling, tennis courts, bow-and-arrow shooting grounds, and high-mountain bicycling are just some of the sport entertainments offered at the resort. At night, Pamporovo provides intriguing offers for entertainment and fun. Almost each hotel has its own night bar or dance club. The most interesting place for everyone is the Panorama bar on Mount Snezhanka TV tower. From there one can see the entire resort complex and every ski-run. The Smolyan Lakes can be spotted on the left, and the Greek part of the Phodopi Mountains is in the distance. Golyam Perelik Mount is to the west and also a panoramic view to the Rila and Pirin. The Balkans are to the north. Many tourists, both Bulgarian and foreign, prefer to spend their holidays in Pamporovo. With its sightseeing, unique nature, good skiing and snowboarding conditions and its plentiful opportunities for having fun and relaxation Pamporovo is one of the most attractive places in Bulgaria and is a preferred holiday destination to many people.


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